Adamaro First to Desire

Adamaro, First to Desire is an interesting Legendary Spirit from Saviors of Kamigawa. For 1RR, you get a */*, whose power and toughness are equal to the highest number of cards in opponent’s hands.

I’m personally not a huge fan of this card as a Commander, as he feels mostly like an anti-blue card, hating on card advantage by giving you a big creature for 3 mana.

I personally think Adamaro is worth playing as a Commander, but he needs a significant amount of help from his deck.

Cards to play along in an Adamaro Deck:

Cards to play alongside Adamaro in other decks:

Essentially, anything that forces your opponent to have a large hand size works well with Adamaro. Land destruction also works very well with Adamaro, as it will keep your opponent from emptying their hands if you limit their number of lands in play.

– SolemnParty