As good of a set as the Magic 2015 Core Set is turning out to be, it is still a Core Set, and Core Sets tend to have very high-costed cards that do incredibly huge things. In Garruk’s Wake is exactly that sort of card. It’s a bit of strange choice for a Launch Party Promo. It’s a NINE-drop sorcery that destroys all creatures and planeswalkers you don’t control. While a one-sided board wipe is nice, NINE mana is awfully expensive. To be fair, this could play alright in Limited. It is a playable card in Commander, where 9 mana for a one-sided board wipe is much more possible.

As far as new players are concerned, though, this is an awesome card. It’s awful outside of Limited and Commander. But it does have that awesome one-sided Wrath effect, and the fact that it can hit planeswalkers is not entirely irrelevant. Maybe Mono-Black Devotion could find room for it when Return to Ravnica block first rotates out, as that sort of mana isn’t impossible to generate in that sort of deck with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx still hanging around. But still, it’s pretty pricey mana-wise for most Constructed formats.

In any case, nice to have a black Garruk-themed card. I just wish it wasn’t a 9-drop. At least it will see play in Mono-Black Commander decks. And who knows, someone will probably play it as a one-of and win out of nowhere after a one-sided board-wipe that no one expects.

~ Elspeth for the Win