Many players have been a bit confused by the wording on Council’s Judgment, a chase rare out of the wildly popular Conspiracy draft set. Will of the Council is a major mechanic in the Conspiracy set, built for a multi-player environment. Who doesn’t want to vote the most dangerous card on the board out of the game? But in one-on-one, the wording makes this a particularly nasty card, and it’s potentially going to see some serious play in Legacy/Vintage, as well as in Commander.

Council’s Judgment reads: “Starting with you, each player votes for a non-land permanent you don’t control. Exile each permanent with the most votes or tied for most votes.” In a multi-player environment, this is a very fair card, as it pits the other players against each other. But the best part about this card is something that does work for you in Conspiracy but actually is completely one-sided in a one-on-one environment. The card specifically mentions a non-land permanent you don’t control. This means that the one who plays this card is never in danger of losing one of his or her cards. Council’s Judgment basically becomes a bit stronger version of Oblivion Ring or Banishing Lightin that the permanent selected is gone forever and not simply a target of an Enchantment.

Therefore, it’s pretty easy to see why this has become a chase Sorcery from Conspiracy. It is a good thing that Wizards decided to not make Conspiracy a Modern-legal set, as this could have become the most expensive rare in the set with the number of decks that would make room for it. It’s a flavorful card that is even more deadly in traditional one-on-one play, and perhaps one of the best designed Magic the Gathering cards of all-time in terms of flavor, power level, and fun (for the one who plays it, that is!)

~ Elspeth for the Win

Photo credit: Magic Spoiler, Fair Use

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