Siege Dragon is a very interesting new Dragon for the Magic 2015 Core Set. It costs 5 and 2 Red to cast, for a total converted casting cost of 7, so he’s already on the steep side. He’s a 5/5 flyer with an interesting enter the battlefield effect: destroy all Walls your opponent controls. That’s pretty flavorful, but it’s interesting how specific it is about Walls. Keep in mind that cards that now have Defender were all originally known as Walls. However, I believe that in this case, “Walls” refers to the creature type of Walls, which can include cards that don’t have “Wall” in their name (i.e. Cathedral Membrane from New Phyrexia.)

However, the better part of Siege Dragon is that if you opponent controls no Walls, whenever it attacks it deals 5 damage to each creature without flying defending player controls. That’s a pretty sweet ability. This is no Balefire Dragon, but at rare, that’s still pretty powerful.

Siege Dragon may not be greatly Standard-playable, but is a decent rare-draft in Limited and should be an especially strong rare in a Sealed pool. Mono-red Dragon-based Commander decks could find a home for him, as well. It may not be much above a bulk rare, especially with Stormbreath Dragon just being a better card. If Siege Dragon had haste, this would be a super strong card; alas, it does not.

~ Elspeth for the Win

Picture Source: Mythic Spoiler, Fair Use