Today, we had another M15 designer card spoiled – Xathrid Slyblade.

Xathrid Slyblade is a 2/1 human assassin for 2B with Hexproof – a fairly efficient creature for a core set uncommon. However, for 3B, it can lose hexproof and get first strike and deathtouch until end of turn.

The card is interesting, as it’s one of the less exploited creature types (assassin) getting a very flavorful ability – it goes from quietly stalking in the night (being hexproof) to going into full-on assassination mode with its first strike and deathtouch, killing any creature it is blocking or being blocked by, as long as that creature doesn’t have first strike or double strike itself.

Now, the card was designed by Rob Pardo, the Chief Creative Officer for Blizzard, who was known for being the previous lead designer of World of Warcraft.

Overall, the card is flavorful and will definitely be playable in M15.

Until next time,

– SolemnParty