stifle mtg conspiracy

Stifle is quite a card. Originally printed in Scourge, Stifle is an instant that for a single Blue mana can counter any target activated or triggered ability. Talk about a combo breaker. While Stifle will not be playable in Modern, as all Conspiracy cards are considered only Legacy, Vintage, and Commander legal, its reprint is still very welcome to see. Stifle sees a ton of Legacy play, but because its supply has dwindled so much in recent years, it has been a $30-35 USD card.

With its reprint in Conspiracy, with the art from the foil Judge promo that a lot of people love, the price for original copies is already beginning to drop somewhat. Copies of the new Conspiracy version of Stifle are pre-ordering for $20-25. Also, foils will be available, as well. Original Scourge foils, as well as the Judge foil promos with this same art, can run around $100 USD a copy. With the wide availability of Conspiracy, and the fact that it’s only a rare in what should be a highly-opened set, the newer foils will be easier to come by.

So what makes Stifle so valuable? It stops enter the battlefield abilities, first of all. Stoneforge Mystic can’t search anything out. It counters activations of Pernicious Deed, another hot Legacy card featured in Conspiracy. It counters Engineered Explosives. It counters a lot of answers for certain deck archetypes. Plus, it even stops the activated abilities of planeswalkers – a fact that should not be overlooked; however, the counters will still be added or removed due to that being a “cost” of the ability. Previously, because it was so hard to come by, not a lot of people have gotten a chance to play with Stifle. Now it will see plenty of play, and it’s a good card even in the limited Conspiracy format, where there are plenty of activated abilities to counter with it.

Also, Stifle is a really good card to flashback with Snapcaster Mage. Yes, most of the time it will be a 1-for-1 trade, but if you Stifle the right ability at the right time, it’s likely you can win the game.

People are calling Stifle the best card in the entire Conspiracy set. For the value at the rare slot, I would have to say that it is the best non-mythic in the set, by far.

– Elspeth for the Win