One of the most exciting things to players when it comes to spoilers is seeing cycles of cards coming together.

While we now have all of Conspiracy, we are also starting to hear about the next core set, M15.

One of the cycles I’m most excited for is the Paragon cycle – a cycle of creatures that help their own color.

The entire cycle is 3X for a 2/2 Human X (with the exception of the black one, which is a skeleton) where X is their color and a class that that particular creature is. These creatures also have the ability to pay X and tap (where X is their color) and gives another creature of your color the primary ability of that color.


Paragon of New Dawns is 3W for a 2/2 Human Soldier that gives all of your white creatures +1/+1 and taps to give another white creature you control Vigilance until end of turn. Being a Soldier, this Paragon will be a favorite among players of that Tribe.


Paragon of Gathering Mists is 3U for a 2/2 Human Wizard that gives all of your blue creatures +1/+1 and taps to give another creature of your blue creatures flying until end of turn.


Paragon of Open Graves is the odd-man out, being a Skeleton Warrior instead of a Human Warrior. However, everything else he does matches the rest of the cycle. For 3B, he gives all of your black creatures +1/+1 and taps for 1B (also different than the rest of them) to give another black creature you control deathtouch until end of turn.

Although he is the lone non-Human of the Paragons, the one upside of him being a Skeleton is that the popular EDH lord Death Baron will pump him by +1/+1 and give him Deathtouch.

Personally, I think I like this one the most despite being the most different from the rest of the cycle – breaking both the creature type and the cost of the tap ability. This is most likely because of Deathtouch most likely being the most power of these abilities to give to other creatures.


Paragon of Fierce Defiance is 3R for s 2/2 Human Warrior that gives all of your other red creatures +1/+1 and taps to give a red creature Haste until end of turn.


Paragon of Eternal Wilds is 3G for a 2/2 Human Druid that gives all of your other green creatures +1/+1 and taps to give another green creatures trample until end of turn.

Altogether, I think the Paragons will be a strong cycle in this upcoming core set, and I’m excited to see what else is in the set.

– SolemnParty