With myself greatly anticipating this set, waking up and seeing these other reprints make me love Wizards of the Coast a little bit more.


Edric, Spymaster of Trest ended up not being a fantastic investment, He topped out at $27 in April, and is now back down to around $13.50, which is still three times as much as his all time low of $4. He is seeing Legacy play at the moment in Bant Aggro and a number of different rogue decks. Appropriate, seeing as he is an Elf Rogue.

That being said, Edric getting reprinted is fantastic, as he definitely belongs in a multiplayer set like Conspiracy. At the moment, he’s pre-ordering for 10 dollars on Star City Games, and will probably stay around that price.

hydraomnivore hydraomnivore1

This one is more of an update than a spoiler, but I mentioned Hydra Omnivore yesterday, and today we see that Hydra Omnivore has been moved up to mythic rare. It’s a fairly reasonable change as Hydra Omnviore will be a very strong card in Limited.


Mirari’s Wake is one of my favorite reprints. It’s simultaneously a green Mana Flare that effects all of your lands, and an Anthem that gives all of your creatures +1/+1. Mana Reflection is a little less restrictive based on color limitations, but is also more expensive, both based on mana and price.


Phage the Untouchable is a Legendary Creature that a lot of people have a soft spot for, as she kills everything she touches – including players that she deals damage to. But of course her most fun part is that if you cast her somewhere other than your hand, you lose. She’s a little gimmicky, and is something I’ll talk about on Commanding Opinion when I start that series up again.


Pernicious Deed is a very powerful card that is still seeing consistent Legacy play in decks like Nic Fit and BUG/Jund decks. Originally from Apocalypse, Pernicious Deed is a very strong delayed removal spell, destroying all artifacts, creatures, and enchantments with converted mana cost X or less. Sitting around $15, it’s nice to see this getting a reprint and giving people better access to Legacy playable cards.


Stifle, however, is my favorite thing to see being reprinted. Being able to say no to the abilities of cards is extremely empowering to blue players that can usually only counter spells. Original ones are sitting at $35, and Judge foil promos with this artwork are sitting at about $100 – definitely a card that needs a reprint.


I was surprised to see Vedalken Orrery getting reprinted. I recently picked up a few of them for my Commander decks, and I’ll be happy enough to pick up a few more of them. They aren’t showing up on very many Legacy deck lists, but it is a very powerful card in Commander and other multi-player formats due to having a lot of turns that aren’t yours – and you want the chance to do stuff on turns other than your own.


Lastly, is Victimize, which is a fantastic reanimate spell. It is the least impressive on this list, though, as it is also an uncommon. Essentially, you sacrifice one creature to get two others from your graveyard.

Overall, these spoilers just make me even more excited to draft this set. I’ll also be talking about the rest of the draft exclusive cards very soon.

Until next time,