Hydra Omnivore is another exciting reprint for Conspiracy. Originally a Commander Deck exclusive, Hydra Omnivore is a card designed for multiplayer – whenever this 8/8 for 4GG deals combat damage to a player, it deals that much damage to each other opponent as well.

At 6 mana, this 8/8 is a monster in a limited format like Conspiracy. At worst, it gets hit by a Swords to Plowshares and you gain 8 or more life as far as Conspiracy is concerned. Without Trample, however, it isn’t a gigantic threat and is on par with the power level of the set.

Personally, I’m just a huge fan of this hydra, and with its original Commander printing sitting at 12 dollars, it’s nice to see a reprint.

We should have the rest of the spoilers for Conspiracy by the end of the day tomorrow (Monday, 6/2/14), and I’ll be covering as much as the set as I can when we have everything.

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– SolemnParty