When looking at a card like Magister of Worth, I generally just see it as an EDH card – it’s a 4/4 for 4WB that, while good, I would expect to be roughly bulk rare, maybe a little bit more.

Then, I see this on MTG Stocks.screenshotmagister

At the time of writing, Magister of Worth is apparently pre-ordering for around 37 dollars – for a regular rare? At the same time, the reprint of Exploration is only going for a little under 20 dollars.

Conspiracy is doing a very good job of confusing retailers and players alike. I find it unlikely that it will stay that high, but it is something we should discuss.

At this time, Dack Fayden (the greatest thief in the multi-verse) is pre-ordering around 58-60 as well. In a set where players and retailers have no idea what the supply and demand for this set are going to look like, the prices are going to be extremely high. In Dack’s case, it’s mostly a combination of the “Jace Tax” and hype for Conspiracy. If this set does not get bought enough, then players are going to have a hard time opening product. Otherwise, if the set is bought like a normal set, the prices will likely stabilize.

Personally, I would not advise pre-ordering very much from this set – the prices are going to be high and supply is going to be high as long as stores are willing to stock it for sale and in-store drafts.