Paliano, the High City is an interesting land card from Conspiracy. What’s especially interesting about it is that it is one of those “Draft Matters” cards, that may actually be extremely playable in Cube. The reason that it may matter in Cube is that when you draft it, you reveal it, and you, the player to your left, and the player to your right choose colors. They must all be different colors, obviously. Then, when you play this card in the tournament, you get to use this land to add one of any of those colors to your mana pool.

The best part about this card is that it only helps you. The reason it’s good in Cube draft is because it ends up being a fantastic fixer for anyone who drafts it. It’s only good in draft, but it’s very much so. In regular Constructed formats, obviously this is a pretty useless card, but it’s extremely good in the Limited environments that it was created for. Foils of this card will probably be highly sought after by cube players.

~ Elspeth for the Win