Kaalia of the Vast Commander players and dragon lovers rejoice: Scourge of the Throne is a powerful new dragon with the ability to let you have two attack phases in one turn. The one catch? The opponent that the Scourge is attacking must have the highest life total or tied for the highest total among all players.

While the Scourge of the Throne doesn’t have Haste, he does have Flying and is a 5/5 for 4RR. He also has Dethrone, meaning that he gains a +1/+1 counter whenever he attacks the player with the most life or tied for most life. He’ll be a major bomb in Limited, thus why he is being printed at mythic rare in Conspiracy. But long-term, this guy’s value lies in Commander aggro decks like Kaalia and Aurelia, the Warleader. He’ll fit into all sorts of aggressive strategies and pretty much any Dragon deck in Commander.

He’s not really playable outside of Conspiracy Limited or Commander, but he’s going to have plenty of long-term value in Commander for the simple fact he can give you a second attack phase in decks that can probably take out a player in one turn given that sort of effect. He’s basically a slightly better version of Hellkite Charger, and can be combined with other creatures that give you extra attack phases like the Charger and Aurelia. With other cards that grant additional attack phases on top of that, you may be able to wipe out a table in one turn. This is going to be a very fun card.

~ Elspeth for the Win