Exploration is a card that has not seen been since the days of Urza’s Legacy. Now it’s being reprinted in Conspiracy with gorgeous new art. It’s been an expensive card for quite a long time due to its utility in Commander. Being able to play an additional land on each of your turns is a bit deal, especially in mono-green decks like those led by Azusa, Lost But Seeking as their Commander. Also, being a one-drop Enchantment is extremely powerful.

This an extremely good card for Limited, as it can set you a turn ahead of your opponent immediately and keep you well ahead of the mana curve all game. It’s even more important that this has been a relatively expensive card for awhile, over $25 a copy (median around $37 as of 5/20/14). Now it will be far more affordable for newer Commander players, and foil copies will now exist – as Urza’s Saga did not have foils. It’s a great reprint, and will probably remain a very valuable card for a long time.

~ Elspeth for the Win