Conspiracy is going to be quite a crazy draft format, indeed, especially with these four cards that were revealed today: Lurking Automaton, Cogwork Spy, Whispergear Sneak, and Lore Seeker. All of them do pretty crazy things in draft.


Lurking Automaton is perhaps the most interesting of these four cards to myself. You reveal it as you draft it and actually take note of how many cards you’ve drafted during that round of the draft, including Lurking Automaton itself. Later, when it enters the battlefield, it enters with X +1/+1 counters on it, where X is the highest number you noted for cards named Lurking Automaton. Being only a common, it’s very possible to draft multiple copies of these and be able to get some really big Automatons onto the board at some point. It costs 5 colorless mana to play, which is nothing considering how big it could end up being, so it is likely something you should really watch for in the Conspiracy format.


Cogwork Spy isn’t quite as interesting as the other three cards. You reveal it as you draft it, and you get to see the next card that is drafted from the same booster pack. It’s not bad information, honestly, and you do get a 2/1 flyer for 3 colorless mana, which is not bad in a Limited format.


Whispergear Sneak is another peculiar card. You draft it face up, and any time duruing the draft, you may turn Whispergear Sneak face down. From there you have some very interesting options. You can look at any booster pack not being looked at by another player, or you get to look at any unopened booster packs in the draft. So this would seem to mean that you get to open a new booster pack, look at the cards, but not actually draft any of them. This information could be very useful to you later on, knowing what will be available in that pack when it comes time to draft it. Notes are looking to be extremely important in this draft format.


The last of these is the most perplexing of all, Lore Seeker, who allows you to reveal it and add another booster pack to the draft. How exactly this will work is unclear. Obviously, it is a may effect, so were you drafting Conspiracy on your own (which is very possible considering that these packs will be sold everywhere), you would not have to add another booster pack. However, it may be the case that stores holding events will be required to throw an extra pack into the draft. Honestly, if that’s the case, then I love this card. Who doesn’t want more cards?

What do you think of these cards and how much they will impact the Conspiracy draft format?

~ Elspeth for the Win