As of August 7th, this entire list has been confirmed. Here’s our take on all 15 cards.

Here is the reddit post that originally spoiled the list for From the Vault: Annihilation spoiler.

This is the list of things appearing in From the Vault: Annihilation, shown on the paper sheet that comes with each FTV, similar to this one from FTV: Relics:


Here’s the list, and the images.


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Before this, the only card we knew about was Wrath of God, with Theros-related art. Wrath of God is the only card on this list already 100% confirmed, as it was confirmed from a different source. There isn’t much to say about Wrath of God – it was the first board wipe, being around since Alpha and Beta.

Overall, the greatest disappointment is not seeing Damnation in the set. It’s possible that it may see a printing in the near future, and there are some nice reprints in this potential From the Vault list. However, most players are going to be disappointed if this is indeed the true list. It’s going to barely be worth its $35 retail price, let alone whatever shops decide to sell them for.

Read on here for a more in-depth review of the set.

– SolemnParty & Elspeth for the Win