Journey into Nyx Intro Pack - The Wilds and the Deep

The last of the Intro Packs we’ll be reviewing here at Win Target Game will be the blue/green deck: The Wilds and the Deep. It’s an interesting deck, focused around the Monstrosity mechanic and featuring Heroes’ Bane, a very solid Limited Bomb, and Arbor Colossus, a staple in Mono-Green Devotion.

To wit, the list:

Lands (26)

15 Forest
11 Island

Creatures (24)

1 Agent of Horizons
1 Arbor Colossus
1 Archetype of Imagination
1 Bassara Tower Archer
1 Cloaked Siren
2 Fleetfeather Cockatrice
2 Golden Hind
1 Heroes’ Bane
2 Kiora’s Follower
1 Nessian Asp
1 Nessian Courser
2 Nessian Game Warden
2 Ravenous Leucrocota
2 Sealock Monster
1 Swarmborn Giant
2 Swordwise Centaur
1 Triton Shorestalker

Other spells (10)

1 Defend the Hearth
2 Font of Fertility
1 Font of Fortunes
1 Hubris
1 Market Festival
1 Savage Surge
1 Thassa’s Ire
2 Time to Feed

Note the high land count. You’ll soon discover the reasoning behind it.

Heroes-Bane-Journey-into-Nyx Rare

Heroes’ Bane has the potential to become very, very big, and very scary. If it had Trample, it would be Constructed-playable. It does not, however. Still, it’s quite a threat that your opponent must deal with before it gets out of hand.

Arbor Colossus Theros Rare

Arbor Colossus is the better rare in the deck. Not only is he a 6/6 for 2GGG with reach, but his monstrosity ability makes him a 9/9 that destroys a target creature your opponent controls with flying. Paired with Heroes’ Bane, you have two very strong threats.

Another cool inclusion in the deck are two copies of Kiora’s Follower, the green/blue Merfolk that can tap to untap another permanent. This allows you to untap your big threats so that they can block, but could potentially lead to other shenanigans, as well.

Thing is, the rest of the deck has some vanilla creatures and a bunch of big creatures with Monstrosity. Sure, it has two copies of the mana dork Elk, Golden Hind, to help you ramp a bit. But this is a very slow deck. If you do build up your creatures enough and be able to make them Monstrous, however, they will be hard to deal with unless your opponent has the removal.

The deck’s non-creature spell line-up is mediocre. It does have two copies of Font of Fertility to go and seek out more basic land and put them onto the field tapped. Hitting your land-drops constantly is very important in this deck, as missing any one of them can put you on the road to being short the mana you need to drop your finishers.

Time to Feed is a really nice card in this deck, simply because your creatures will most often be bigger than your opponents’ making it almost a guaranteed kill and 3 life for you. Thassa’s Ire is a nice utility card that can tap or untap anything on the board for 3U. It belongs in Commander more than it does here, though.

All in all, thematically it’s a nice deck, but it’s a C for playability at best. It has 26 land to try and maximize the potential for hitting straight land drops, but mana screw is a very real thing and I see that being more often than not the case with this deck. It’s probably the weakest of the five Intro Packs from this set, but for Casual players that love to win with big creatures, it’s worth a shot.

Plus you get the two Journey Into Nyx packs and a shot at the 15 God packs. That’s never a bad lottery to play.

– Elspeth for the Win