Born of the Gods offered some interesting Intro Packs, but this time around, Journey into Nyx has even more interesting starter product to choose from. Today we start with reviewing the White/Green Intro Pack: Mortals of Myth. Like all intro packs, you get 2 booster packs of the latest set, so $8 of your purchase (or more or less depending on where you live) is already covered. Let’s see if the included deck is worth the other $3.99 or so.

Lands (26)
11 Forest
15 Plains

Creatures (19)
2 Akroan Mastiff
1 Akroan Skyguard
1 Dawnbringer Charioteers
1 Elite Skirmisher
2 Golden Hind
2 Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
1 Oreskos Swiftclaw
1 Phalanx Leader
2 Pheres-Band Thunderhoof
1 Quarry Colossus
1 Skyspear Cavalry
2 Supply-Line Cranes
1 Vanguard of Brimaz
1 Wingsteed Rider

Other spells (15)
2 Ajani’s Presence
2 Banishing Light
2 Colossal Heroics
1 Consign to Dust
1 Font of Vigor
1 Nature’s Panoply
2 Oppressive Rays
1 Phalanx Formation
1 Raised by Wolves
1 Solidarity of Heroes
1 Spear of Heliod


The cover card for the deck is Dawnbringer Charioteers, which was also the promotional pre-release card for those that chose White as their color. It’s a very good card in Limited, and definitely has its uses in Soldier-themed Commander decks. It’s border-line Constructed playable, though, but it’s not a terrible card. Having flying and lifelink, as well as the number of spells that will target this card, can make it fairly formidable in the late game.


The other rare in this deck is a good one: Spear of Heliod. Not only does it give creatures you control +1/+1, but it also has the great tap ability for 1WW and a tap to destroy a creature that dealt damage to you this turn. Cards with Anthem effects that can do other things for you is always helpful, and the deck would do well to have a second copy put in, as well.

The rest of the deck actually has a pretty solid creature line-up including Akroan SkyguardPhalanx Leader, Vanguard of Brimaz, and Wingsteed Rider. There are also two new notable cards from Journey into Nyx. One of them is an Elk called Golden Hind for 1G, which can tap to give you Green mana. The other is a one-drop 0/4 called Lagonna-Band Trailblazer, which has the common Heroic effect of gaining +1/+1 counters whenever you target it with a spell. The Trailblazer is really good, and while the Elk might be a bit out of place, it’s still a useful mana “dork.”

As far as the non-creature spells are concerned, there are plenty of useful pump cards from Journey into Nyx with the Strive mechanic, which allow you to activate multiple Heroic triggers at once. Some are obviously better than others, but overall it’s a pretty good package for an Intro Pack. Ajani’s Presence, Colossal Heroics, Nature’s Panoply, and Phalanx Formation are all quite playable Strive cards.

Other notable new cards to mention would be Banishing Light and Oppressive Rays. Banishing Light is basically Oblivion Ring, but it can only target your opponents’ permanents – which most of the time is what you would do anyway. Also, Oppressive Rays is very much like Pacifism, except that the enchanted creature can attack or block or use its activated abilities, but at a cost of 3 colorless mana. For a single white mana, however, it’s not bad, although Pacifism is easily worth the extra mana. Functionally, however, it’s pretty much the same.

The obvious way to make this deck better is to include some more powerful Heroic creatures. Hero of Leina Tower would be the cheapest way to go, as a play-set of her is relatively inexpensive and works well in this build. Hero of Iroas is great if you want to shift to a more Aura-based build. Maxing out the Trailblazers, Phalanx Leaders, and Vanguard of Brimaz while also trimming some of the less cost-effective creatures is also a good idea. Also, Launch the Fleet, a rare from Journey Into Nyx, is a fantastic inclusion for this deck. If you want to add a third color, you’d want to choose blue to be able to play Battlefield Thaumaturge to make your Strive costs far more palatable, but in that case you’d be better off either going white/blue (a good idea) or blue/green (a bit more difficult).

All in all, this is a very good deck to use as a shell for a green/white Heroic deck and there are plenty of inexpensive cards available in the Theros block to make it a fun, if not incredibly competitive, deck to play.

~ Elspeth for the Win