Bearer of the Heavens is an interesting card to say at the very least. For 7R, you get a 10/10 that pulls a straight-up Nevinyrral’s Disk” on the entire board. Personally, I love the flavor of this card. You kill him, and he drops the world and everything breaks.

Sadly, mechanics are much more abuse-able than that. One combo I quickly saw on Reddit was this guy plus Rescue from the Underworld.  You can sacrifice the Bearer using Rescue (during their turn), and at the end step, destroy all permanents. The next turn just have the Bearer come back into play and you pretty much have the game won at that point. It’s also possible to use this combo to get another creature off of the Rescue from the Underworld, but the Bearer is the best target to get this way. In Limited, it’s a solid win condition.

Aside from silly things like that, however, he is not going to see a lot of play. At 7R, it’s far too much mana for Standard, Modern, Legacy, etc. This card is clearly aimed towards Limited and casual players, and he may find a place in a funny Commander deck at some point.

– SolemnParty