Finally, we have our Dack Fayden planeswalker. He’s been a long time coming, so has he been worth the wait?

First of all, a three-drop planeswalker with three loyalty counters is pretty good. His first ability is a +1 for a Faithless Looting effect: draw two cards, discard two cards. This isn’t bad card filtering, especially in a red/blue deck. The -2, honestly, is very powerful. There are plenty of artifacts to steal in Legacy and Commander. For him to hit the board and immediately gain control of say, a Wurmcoil Engine, is pretty ridiculous.

But the ultimate ability, his -6, is perhaps one of the silliest effects I’ve ever seen on any Magic card. The fact that it’s an emblem already makes it good. What this emblem allows you to do is just ridiculous. It reads: “Whenever you cast a spell that targets one or more permanents, gain control of those permanents.” Therefore, you can target a whole bunch of creatures, and there are plenty of spells that allow you to do this, you gain control of those permanents. Note that it says permanents, and not non-land permanents. Imagine Spreading Seas someone’s shock-land and not only depriving them of certain colors, but the land itself.

Some people are already calling Dack their all-time favorite planeswalker. What is for certain, he’s going to see a ton of play in Legacy and Commander.

~ Elspeth for the Win

(Note: I previously believed that Conspiracy would be Modern-legal, for some reason… there will be Modern-legal reprints in the set, but alas, Dack Fayden will not be legal in Modern.)

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