Kruphix, God of Horizons is perhaps the one God from Journey Into Nyx that will break the Commander format. That being said, his ability to convert unused mana from your mana pool into colorless mana that you can never lose is playable in a lot of formats. He could end up being Bant , BUG, and RUG Mid-Range decks’ best friend, as imagine what mid-range decks can do if they can tap out at the end of opponent’s turns to be able to ramp into something for future turns.

His other features? He’s a 4/7 creature once active, and also gives you a Reliquary Tower ability. While this is a bit redundant in a format like Commander, it’s not in other formats where now Reliquary Tower isn’t necessary. Imagine a Bant Mid-Range deck playing a massive Sphinx’s Revelation without the need to discard. There are even more possibilities in Modern that would take advantage of an effect like this. A lot of games, in a blue/green deck, the God of Horizons will actually drop turn four, or perhaps even three if the mana ramp is there early on.

Of course, the obvious card that’s going to get a major boost from Kruphix being released is Prophet of Kruphix. The Prophet’s already pretty good, allowing you to untap all of your creatures and lands during each of your opponent’s turns and giving your creatures the ability to be played at instant speed. That obviously combos insanely well with the God, which makes perfect sense flavor-wise and play-ability-wise. Therefore, the Prophet actually becomes a really strong Constructed card. While 5 for the Prophet and 5 for the God sounds like an awfully big investment, it’s really not when you think about it, since all of your colorless mana costs suddenly become a lot easier to deal with.

I can’t even begin to go into detail about the true implications this card will have on Commander deck building. It will fit into so many strategies, and being Indestructible is obviously a big deal there as it is anywhere. The amounts of mana that will be able to be produced and being able to carry over “infinite” mana over multiple turns is going to allow for more consistent and ridiculous win conditions. But I think he’s going to find a place in Standard and Modern, too. It’s just a matter of time to see how a competitive Prophet of Kruphix deck will shape up.

~ Elspeth for the Win