Hurray, Pyrostatic Pillar is now in Modern! For those that don’t know, Pyrostatic Pillar is an enchantment from way back in the days of Scourge that does exactly what this card does, except this is a 2/2 creature.

Obviously, creatures are a lot more easily removed than Enchantments. But this is a pretty powerful effect, especially as a sideboard card, and especially in Modern. It is a bit tricky to decide when to play this card, but deployed correctly, the damage is going to affect your opponent more than it will to you. In Legacy, where the Pillar has been played for years, now you essentially have eight copies of the Pillar, four of which can also swing for 2 damage.

Deck brewers are going to have a lot of fun with this card. It’s a card that takes some strategy, but punishing your opponent for playing spells, even if you have to take a bit of burn damage yourself, is definitely worth 2 mana on a 2/2 creature.

~ Elspeth for the Win