Many sets for quite some time in Magic the Gathering have had that one mythic rare that screams “broken in Commander.” This card, at the moment, is Sage of Hours. While this Human Wizard isn’t a win condition on his own, the ability to take one, two, or potentially even more extra turns is extremely powerful. Simic decks, especially those Commanded by Vorel of the Hull-Clade that revolve around the proliferation doubling of counters, are going to have fun with this Sage.

The obvious problem with Sage of Hours is his fragility. He’s only a 1/1, but he also only costs 1U. Also, Heroic Constructed decks aren’t really going to play him since there are better targets to be had. He’s going to get removed nine times out of ten before he ever becomes a true threat. Then again, there is a way for him to actually be pretty ridiculous in Theros Block Constructed. Someone on the Wizards community forums already came up with a Sage of Hours combo: using the enchantment Sunbond along with any big life-gain card, including something like the new Ajani planeswalker’s ultimate ability to gain you 100 life. It would take a tricky Bant Mid-Range list to pull off, but that is pretty much a win condition right there.

But in Commander, where removal is more limited, there are some extremely fun combos that can be pulled off with him. There are too many potential ones to list here in a single review, but Commander deck brewers are already working with him. He may be a junk mythic in the eyes of many, but like Champion of Stray Souls from Born of the Gods and Medomai the Ageless from Theros, he will find a home in the wonderful world of Commander.

~ Elspeth for the Win