My nickname would not be very well be Elspeth for the Win were I to not address the rather interesting news about the Modern Event Deck releasing on May 30th, 2014. The news is, of course, that Elspeth, Knight Errant will be featured in the Event Deck, and from what we now presently, the deck is Black/White tokens.

Here is what has been spoiled (click to enlarge):


What we know for sure is that there are four cards that will be included: [mtg cardname=”Hero of Bladehold” setname=”Mirrodin Besieged” linktext=”Hero of Bladehold“], [mtg cardname=”Elspeth, Knight-Errant” setname=”Modern Masters” linktext=”Elspeth, Knight-Errant“], [mtg cardname=”Intangible Virtue” setname=”Innistrad” linktext=”Intangible Virtue“], and [mtg cardname=”Honor of the Pure” setname=”Magic 2012 (M12)” linktext=”Honor of the Pure“].

Seeing as the deck is called March of the Multitudes, and the inclusion of that Intangible Virtue, clearly it is a token deck. The only other thing we know for certain is that there will be “black distruption” included in the deck. [mtg cardname=”Thoughtseize” setname=”Theros” linktext=”Thoughtseize“] and [mtg cardname=”Inquisition of Kozilek” setname=”Rise of the Eldrazi” linktext=”Inquisition of Kozilek“] are certainly possibilities, as they are played in the competitive Black/White Tokens deck in Modern. We might also expect [mtg cardname=”Spectral Procession” setname=”Shadowmoor” linktext=”Spectral Procession“], [mtg cardname=”Raise the Alarm” setname=”Mirrodin” linktext=”Raise the Alarm“], [mtg cardname=”Lingering Souls” setname=”Dark Ascension” linktext=”Lingering Souls“], and [mtg cardname=”Path to Exile” setname=”Modern Masters” linktext=”Path to Exile“]. Procession and Path are both valuable cards that would be good to see, and having more Thoughtseize and Inquisitions around can’t hurt.

In my humble opinion, Black/White Tokens is not a bad Event Deck concept. The problem is that these decks are supposed to MSRP for $75. Unless we’re getting full play-sets of Thoughtseize, Path to Exile, and several other of the main cards in the deck, though, it’s not a great investment. Also, will there be any copies of [mtg cardname=”Marsh Flats” setname=”Zendikar” linktext=”Marsh Flats“] in the deck? One copy of Marsh Flats isn’t going to cut it for the deck to be any good, but two would make the deck worth buying outright.

Many Modern players are outraged that the deck wasn’t three-color, allowing for more fetch-lands to be reprinted. However, until we see the list, it’s hard to say what this deck will actually consist of. If Wizards is pricing these decks so highly, they must contain a lot of valuable cards. I don’t think this will be like any event deck before. It’s also very likely that these Event Decks will become a new thing. I hope they’re more than one a year, because if Wizards wants Modern to thrive, they need to reprint a lot of the staples before the format simply prices too many players out.

That being said, if the deck is actually a list you can take straight to a tournament and be competitive, it may yet be worth it!

~ Elspeth for the Win

UPDATE 5/13/14: Complete list has been spoiled!