Surfing Magic Spoiler today, I noticed a bit about a new product Wizards of the Coast will be introducing with Magic 2015: a Clash Pack. It will contain two sixty-card decks ready to play, with six premium foil cards with alternate art. I would assume that all cards included would be from Magic 2015. If this is going to replace the Intro Decks, it might not be a bad call. It’s set to MSRP for about $25 USD.

The big question is how good these decks will be out of the box. There aren’t any spoilers as to what would be in these Clash Packs yet. I do wonder if they may return to a strategy similar to what they used to do with Tournament Packs. In Tournament Packs, you would get 75 cards, most of which were basic land, but a guaranteed 3 rares, 10 uncommons, and a foil card. It would actually be kind of interesting if you had semi-randomized decks. I actually miss those tournament packs, since they were usually cheaper than packs and provided a bit more value.

Most likely though, these will be straight-up pre-constructed decks created to help newer players into the game or to get older players a head-start into Standard. For a Core Set, this isn’t a bad strategy. Will it be worth the $25 USD or so to buy? We won’t know for certain until lists get spoiled, but I’m excited about the prospect of a new intro product that gives you actually decent 60-card Standard decks to pit against one another. What’s odd is, though, why are they more than Duel Decks? We shall see.

~ Elspeth for the Win