With Remand being the big money card in the new Jace vs Vraska Duel Deck, it may be easy to overlook that another really good blue rare is being reprinted, as well: Future Sight! It may not be quite as amazing as Body Double the combo enabler being reprinted, also, but it’s a very popular Commander card! It was originally printed in Onslaught, and now it’s going to be available in a modern border (but not Modern-legal as it’s not in a legal Modern expansion set.)

[mtg cardname=”Future Sight” setname=”Onslaught” linktext=”Future Sight“] is an amazing card for Blue Commander decks. For only 5 mana (2 colorless, 3 Blue) you get to play with the top card of your library revealed and be able to play it as if it were in your hand. While some people hate revealing the top card of their deck and giving their opponents information, it’s especially awesome that you are able to play whatever that card is, especially if it’s a land card. Whereas similar iterations of this effect only let you play a particular sort of card (instant, sorcery, creature, or land), Future Sight lets you cast or play anything from the top of your deck. Essentially having an extra card in your hand, even if your opponent’s know what it is, can be super helpful.

While Future Sight isn’t exactly a money card (about $2 USD on TCGPlayer), it’s nice to have more copies of it around. It’s a super solid Enchantment that won’t sell the duel deck, but be a nice extra piece to gain from it.

~ Elspeth for the Win