So I found out on Tumblr (hat tip to that the Jace vs. Vraska Duel Decks have been accidently spoiled on the Gatherer. The card gallery can be found here.

There are some pretty cool reprints in these decks, although we don’t know the exact card coutns in the decks quite yet. But something caught my eye and I had to read it twice before I realized what it truly was.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is freaking [mtg cardname=”Remand” setname=”Ravnica” linktext=”Remand“]! That $10-15 Modern staple. Cool new art, and it’s in a Duel Deck. Suddenly, not only is [mtg cardname=”Jace, Architect of Thought” setname=”Return to Ravnica” linktext=”Jace, Architect of Thought”] going to get a lot easier to get, but so is freaking Remand. Body Double and Future Sight are really nice reprints, too. Yes, there’s probably only going to be a single copy of Remand in the deck. But wow is this deck going to sell super well.

A more complete analysis of the deck coming at you soon!

~ Elspeth for the Win