Originally from Planar Chaos, Body Double is a pretty cool Clone card that instead of copying a creature on the battlefield like most Clone variants do, it instead copies a creature from a graveyard. The fact that the creature can be in any graveyard is really cool. At one time, it was actually a part of an infinite combo deck.

The MTG Salvation wiki has a great article about this Reveillark Combo Deck when it was in Standard. Essentially, it took advantage of a [mtg cardname=”Reveillark” setname=”Modern Masters” linktext=”Reveillark“] in the graveyard and a [mtg cardname=”Mirror Entity” setname=”Commander 2013″ linktext=”Mirror Entity“] on the battlefield along with a 2-power creature with a good enter the battlefield effect – Riftwing Cloudskate is one such example, which has an enter the battlefield effect that returns a target permanent to its owners hand..

You would use the [mtg cardname=”Body Double” setname=”Planar Chaos” linktext=”Body Double“] to copy the Reveillark, then stack Mirror Entity’s ability to make all your creatures zero power a whole bunch of times, which of course would kill them. Since the Body Double, as a Reveillark, hits the graveyard, you get the effect of Reveillark, which puts two creatures with power 2 or less onto the battlefield. You target the same Body Double and whatever two-power creature you wanted to use such as the Cloudskate. With the Mirror Entity activations still on the stack, you repeat the activation process until you’ve reached the desired effect. Most of the time, you’d use the Cloudskate to bounce all of your opponent’s permanents and be able to get in a few swings that your opponent won’t be able to respond to. You could also use Mulldrifter to draw as many cards as you like or Aven Riftwatcher to gain tons of life. It was a Pro Tour Top 8 deck at one point.

While I’m not sure a deck like that would work in the Modern format today, it’s fair to say that Body Double is a powerful card. It’s definitely a card that Commander players can find a home for, and its a welcome reprint to see in a Duel Deck already full of value (read: Remand reprint).

~ Elspeth for the Win