There’s quite a bit of buzz right now going around about the new Conspiracy draft format that Wizards is bringing out in June. Apparently, it’s a format where you draft, then split into multi-player free-for-all games. This sounds super awesome. Wizards was quite serious about this, and their announcement was actually encyrpted. Thanks to Alexander Silady on Examiner, you can find the translated official announcement for MTG Conspiracy here.

In any case, we already have two cards to chew on: Cogwork Librarian and Magister of Worth. All cards from this set will be Legacy-legal and also legal in Commander (EDH).


As far as drafting in this new format is concerned, Cogwork Librarian is pretty awesome. It’s a card that may even work its way into some cubes, and it’s only a common! When you draft it, you leave it face up. What’s interesting about this is that anytime you draft a card with this card face-up on the table, you may draft an additional card from that pack. If you do, you put the Librarian into that pack. Talk about a change in draft strategy! Otherwise, though, it’s just a 3/3 artifact creature for 4 that’s a vanilla otherwise. It’s pretty useless outside of drafting formats, but it has some sweet art, and could see play in Pauper Cube, especially (being that it’s a common!)


Magister of Worth is particularly fascinating because it’s a very playable card in Commander. It’s a 4/4 Flying angel for 4WB (4 colorless, 1 White, 1 Black). It has a new mechanic called Will of the Council on it. Whenever it enters the battlefield, starting with you, each player at the table votes for grace or condemnation. If grace wins the vote, each player gets each of their creatures back from the graveyard onto the battlefield. However, if condemnation gets more votes, or the vote is tied, you destroy all creatures other than Magister of Worth. That’s a pretty powerful card right there. Being that it’s the promo card for the set, there will be a bunch of these floating around!

It will be fascinating to see what else is in this set. Being that it’s a multi-player format, there could potentially be a ton of great Commander cards, and even some Legacy play-ables, yet to be revealed!

~ Elspeth for the Win