As of July 1st, no longer exists. At this time, I do not see a major advantage to keeping the domain name. However, that does not mean that Win Target Game itself is going away. In fact, I am looking to take this site in a very different direction.

I have recently quit paper Magic. With how high card prices have risen right now, it’s becoming quite expensive to play, especially with the Standard rotation looming in about three month’s time and Modern being quite a massively expensive format to play in. So the blog has suffered as a result, since every time I write about Magic, I want to play again.

The good news is, in the past week, I have finally tried out Magic Online. I must say, I like it far better than paper Magic. Not only is it significantly cheaper (with many rares being about one-fourth of their paper value or even less!) but you have a very healthy Pauper meta-game and limitless drafting. I’ve already built a few Pauper decks, but after a mediocre showing in my first Pauper tournament with a not-quite perfectly tuned White Weenie deck, I’m waiting and saving my money for the Magic 2014 Release Queues.

Therefore, Win Target Game will no longer focus on paper Magic, but instead, Magic Online. Card reviews will still be coming, obviously, since the cards are going to be identical to those online. The good news is that now Win Target Game will feature more deck profiles, financial tips, and other things MODO-related.

Also, I will be going back and revising many card reviews as there are some reviews that I did back in 2011 that really should be expanded upon and done over.

Look forward to more Magic 2014 card reviews as now the entire set is spoiled!

~ elspethftw