In this article, I’ll be going over the first four cards of the latest From the Vault, Realms.

The set is completely land, all of which are playable in EDH/Commander to some extent.

Cephalid Coliseum is originally an uncommon from Odyssey, the original art being by John Avon and the new art being Cliff Childs. While it’s not great for a blue source, tapping for one blue and taking a damage, it’s mainly used for the Threshold ability, for blue and a tap, you sacrifice it to have a player draw three cards and then discard three cards, being very good in dredge and black/blue re-animator decks.

Personally, I enjoy both artworks, but I have to like the new one, as it looks better in the modern border.

Desert was originally printed in Arabian Nights, and then reprinted as a Timeshifted card in Time Spiral. Desert has always been a great card, holding off the common 1/1 creatures by itself and deterring large creatures in multiples. Desert is also one of the cards that did get new artwork, and I have to say it’s impressive.

While High Market isn’t considered as great as Diamond Valley, though better than Miren, the Moaning Well, High Market sees a significant amount of Commander play, and is a nice card to see printed in here; though people will complain about this not being Diamond Valley instead. Sadly, it didn’t get a new artwork, though the original by Carl Critchlow is very nice.

Oh, Maze of Ith. Originally from The Dark, Maze of Ith for From the Vault: Realms is already pre-ordering on Star City for $50 USD, making the usual MSRP of $35 for one of these box sets completely worth it. But, as usual, the actual stores are going to be selling them (and the individual cards) for a lot more. While it doesn’t produce mana (unlike its watered down counterpart, Mystifying Maze) it completely removes a creature from combat, preventing all damage dealt to and by that creature. In fact, Maze of Ith is even part of an infinite mana combo with Argothian Elder. Great inclusion, and I’m not surprised to see it among the cards getting a new art out of the set.