Dark Ascension has some of the weakest mythic rares that we have seen in awhile, but this is certainly not one of them. Huntmaster of the Fells is a good double-sided card with both sides having good abilities that activate whenever he transforms back and forth. Huntmaster has a good enter the battlefield ability, put a 2/2 green Wolf creature token into play and gain 2 life. He’s only a 2/2, but for what you get when he enters the playing field, it’s okay. His flip-side, Ravager, is a 4/4 with trample that deals 2 damage to target opponent and 2 damage to one creature that player controls. Not too bad. What makes him a mythic though is that these abilities activate each time he is flipped, so he can become a potential problem if not dealt with.

One drawback is that he doesn’t have good synergy with Immerwolf, which honestly is the card that really makes Werewolves playable. If he can’t transform back and forth, he can’t really live up to his full potential. Still, he’s a good card and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play him, as with Immerwolf he’s at least a 5/5 trampler as Ravager.  No matter how you play him in a Werewolf deck, he’s going to be well worth the 4 mana you pay to cast him. So while he’s not a “wow” card, I’m still a fan.

Huntmaster of the Fells/Ravager of the Fells is now being considered one of the best cards in Standard, skyrocketing from a 13-15 dollar release to currently between 25 and 30 a piece. Red/Green has become an extremely powerful contender since the release of this card, Naya Birthing Pod and R/G and R/G/B Wolf Run being among the decks that tend to use it.

Birthing Pod has a fun interaction with Huntmaster, as if he’s podded in and you don’t cast any other spells, you get both effects in a single turn, which seems like a decent deal to me. Personally, I play Naya Pod and play four of these guys.

In Wolf Run, Huntmaster is used mainly due to how much value is packed into both sides of the card; one side is essentially 2 2/2s and 2 life, and the other side can kill a creature and shock an opponent.