Here’s a neat little artifact card. In fact, this can devastate a whole ton of decks. You can’t cast any creatures out of graveyards, such as Gravecrawler and negates Sun Titan’s ability to bring back creatures. It also, and here’s the real utility of this card, stops flashback completely. Snapcaster Mage and all of the spells that are now commonly run out of the graveyard are now totally useless once this Cage hits the board. It’s such an amazing card, and costing only 1 to cast, it’s a devastating sideboard option, and actually a main deck option in a blue/black deck utilizing Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas (as you can make it a 4/4 creature, as well). This and Torpor Orb together ruin a great number of decks out there right now. Suddenly you’re going to have to sideboard a lot of artifact hate just to get past this nagging little card. Grafdigger’s Cage is definitely one of the best cards in the set, and perhaps the best non mythic rare.

Now, that was Elspethftw’s review of Grafdigger’s Cage, but with the way standard is shaping up right now, it’s better than we thought, even if the price has dropped.

Grafdigger’s Cage is seeing less play in standard and more play in Modern due to Dredge being played, but it’s still a strong side board card in standard; assuming you’re not playing a deck that relies on it. In my opinion, it’s good enough to be main decked it’s you’re playing a control deck that isn’t U/B Control. Why? Because it stops undying and persist, too.

It isn’t just that creatures can’t be cast from the graveyard, creatures also can’t enter the battlefield from graveyards, rendering Undying and Persist useless; a bonus in conjunction with killing flashback. One card with undying in particular is seeing significant play; Strangleroot Geist. There’s also Vorapede, who’s also seeing some competitive play in Birthing Pod.

I’m just adding a bit to an already great review, and plan on seeing me around the site again fairly soon.