Another French Spoiler! Like Invisible Stalker, it’s not a difficult translation, but it isn’t english so here’s the source from mtgsalvation:

Butcher’s Cleaver

Artifact – Equipment Uncommon
Equipped creature gets +3/+0.
As long as equipped creature is a Human, it has lifelink.
Equip 3
Illus. Jason Felix #217/264 

As we can see, it’s a 3-drop equipment with equip 3 that gives the equipped creature +3/+0, and if the creature is a Human, it gains lifelink. Now, the implications of that are… well, disgusting, as I assume that means it’s humans cutting up other humans and eating them, like Village Cannibal’s +1/+1 counters when humans die. However, It’s not a terrible card, and it’s only an uncommon. Puresteel Paladin can certainly make use of it, and it may see some play in limited.