That… that says 13 2/2 black zombies, doesn’t it?

Here we have yet another mythic rare, Army of the Damned. We asked for more zombies, so we’re getting more zombies. Rather, this is a sorcery and we haven’ t seen any zombies outside of Diregraf Ghoul and Stitched Drake. But for 5BBB (8 mana) you get 13 2/2 black zombies into play tapped. The tapped is most likely to prevent any sort of haste enabler to win the game right there, as you’re putting 26 power on the board for only 8 mana, getting roughly 18 more power than you paid mana. It makes Blade Splicer’s 2W for a 1/1 and 3/3 look silly by comparison. Then again, Blade Splicer is more playable, as this is 5BBB, with triple black making dual-colored decks slightly more difficult to actually play this with the multiple mana sources. Regardless, it also has a flashback of 7BBB, meaning you can drop 10 mana and do it all over again. With U/B being the colors zombies are in, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Snapcaster Mage have this go off twice for its original mana-cost instead. It’s more of the Praetor’s Counsel of this set; great effect, really expensive.

If your opponent doesn’t have flyers, then this card is going to wipe their entire board, as when it deals combat damage to a player, it’ll deal the damage about to each of that player’s creatures; being a 6/6 wipes out even the titans under your opponent’s control. Granted, Balefire Dragon is 5RR, and most likely won’t see play in standard, but I think it will see considerable play in Commander. Another Mythic which isn’t great, but another card that may see some play.