With the old Flashback mechanic returning, I decided that I’d take a look at some old cards with flashback and voice my opinion to whether or not they’ll be reprinted in Innistrad, and just go over a few of them in general.

Ancient Grudge was a common from Time Spiral that for 1R destroyed target artifact, and then did it again with it’s flashback for G. It’s a great card, and with Red and Green being the colors for Werewolves, I think it’s possible Ancient Grudge could come back if they’re reprinting old cards with flashback, rather than making all new cards.

I mention these three because I think these or something similar will be printed in Innistrad; we’ve had a lack of cards shown that make tokens, and there is a Garruk in the set, though the story line says he’s lost his ability to summon creatures due to Liliana’s Curse. So it’s possible these may not make an appearance, but token generating flashbacks are always nice.

I mention Folk Medicine and Thrill of the Hunt due to the fact that both of them are green with white flashback costs, similar to Travel Preparations, my favorite (playable) common in the set so far. I think something similar to these two could see a printing, if not these two in particular. But, moving on.

They aren’t going to reprint Dread Return. I really don’t need to say it. But when talking about Flashback, you have to mention Dread Return. For 2BB, you reanimate something, and then you can do it again by sacrificing three creatures. Famous for being in Dredge, this wouldn’t get reprinted, as they probably won’t bring back dredge, and if they do, they just banned this in modern and most likely wouldn’t bring it to standard.

It’s Fog for one more mana with a flashback cost. I don’t see why they wouldn’t reprint it. It’s even in Odyssey, the set Innistrad wants to be better than. It’s not fantastic, but it’s a fun little card your opponent might forget about when pushing for game.

This is a rather interesting card, actually. It’d give us some mana acceleration in draft if they reprint it, while keeping the graveyard theme with the 4G flashback, that probably wouldn’t be used unless you have nothing else to play and want to use mana, or just need to hit 6 mana for something.

Wizards themselves mentioned Momentary Blink for Modern when they unveiled Fiend Hunter, and I think it’s a viable option for them to bring back, especially with Venser, the Sojourner in format. Besides, Momentary Blink is only a common from Time Spiral, I don’t see why not to reprint it.