As much as I love knowing more stuff about the set, these spoilers are coming out awful suddenly and close together, so in order to stay on top of it I have to be up until one in the morning.

Not that I sleep anyway. So, here we go:

Here we have an actual picture of Village Ironsmith and Ironfang. Ironsmith is a 1/1 First Strike that transforms into a 3/1 with first strike. Not great, but not terrible either. First Strike is always fun.

Here we see our first dual-colored double sided card. Civilized Scholar is a 0/1 for 2U that is basically a Merfolk Looter that transforms and untaps if he discards a creature, transforming into Homicidal Brute, which is a great name by the way. He’s a 5/1 that transforms back if he doesn’t attack. Again, not great, though Sundial of the Infinite gets around that. Honestly, he isn’t great, but he’s a fun little card for an uncommon. I’d rather have any of the werewolves personally.

Battleground Geist is… overcosted for what it does. 4U for a 3/3 flyer that gives other spirits, not including himself, +1/+0. Not even +1/+1. I’ll be passing these all day during draft, they really aren’t good, even in draft.

This makes me feel that Spirits are going to be overcosted and terrible, as this is clearly a Spirit support card, being named Grasp of Phantoms. 3U to bounce a creature to the top of the library isn’t terrible, but it’s flashback is 7U; when would you pay 8 mana just to bounce something instead of just casting something to -kill- something? It and Battleground Geist are going to get passed, I’ll take any other uncommons over these.

This card, on the other hand, I like. You basically take a guy, untap him, and attach a Giant Spider to him. It’s a pretty good card, and the +2/+4 and reach is great for only 2G, and this is only a common.

Essentially, we see that this 264 set is going to have great cards in it, but also some weak pulls, like the uncommons in this batch of spoilers. Then again, with 264 cards, there’s going to be a lot of good and bad in it.