Now that I’ve taken a look at the PAX spoilers, I have other spoilers to attend to, as I haven’t looked at any other cards from Innistrad that were spoiled in the Duel of the Planeswalkers 2012 game, so here we go!

While I know this is the From The Vault: Legends card, he was the confirmed card for the set that was placed in this From The Vault, so this is the only art I’ve seen of it. Mikaeus, the Lunarch is a great card in my opinion, that’ll see play in Commander and most likely have a spot in limited and standard. You can find my more in-depth review of him here.

I actually like this guy. Not as much as Elite Inquisitor, but he’s pretty good for an uncommon. Not a whole lot to say, he’d be better if he was 1W instead of WW, but I won’t complain too much for an uncommon.

Another uncommon, Murder of Crows is a 4/4 flyer for 3UU that lets you draw a card and then discard a card every time a creature other that Murder of Crows dies. It’s not terrible, but I doubt it’ll see play outside of Limited.

Bloodgift Demon is a pretty cool card. He’s essentially Phyrexian Arena on a 4/4 flying stick for 3BB. Also another decent card, he might see some play outside of Limited, more likely in Commander than Standard.

Moan of the Unhallowed is a decent card in my opinion. Two 2/2 black zombies for 2BB? With flashback always an option? I’ll happy take these when they’re passed to me in draft. The flashback is a little high, but it’s better than no flashback.

Again, this was actually revealed in the Duel of the Planeswalker game, but PAX also revealed it, so I’ll take another look at it here. It gives a creature +X/+X, where X is the number of creatures in your graveyard. For only 1 green mana. I really like this card, this could be considered a bomb in draft by itself.

But that sums up the rest of the Innistrad spoilers. I’ll post them as I find them. Hopefully I’ll get the last part of the Commander Ban List up tonight, but I’m not sure as-of yet.