So, it turns out the cards that don’t have a converted mana cost are actually Double Faced Cards, the opposite side of the card having the transformed card on it.

And, along with this, they revealed a few more cards!

Gatstsaf Shepherd, like Mayor of Avabruck, transforms if no spells were cast last turn, he transforms into Gatstaf Howler, who transforms back if a player cast two or more spells the last turn. They’re decent, but I’m not sure the fact they transform whether or not spells are being cast could be a problem for Werewolves.

Daybreak Ranger is decent, dealing 2 damage to anything with flying, and he transforms just like Gatstaf and Avabruck, when there were no spells cast last turn, he transforms into Nightfall Predator, who “fights” for 1 red. Fights is a new mechanic that causes two creatures to do damage equal to their power to each other. So Nightfall would deal 4 damage to target creature, then target creature would fight him. He, like the other wolves, transform back if two or more spells were cast.

Now, as you’ll have to take your cards out of sleeves and flip them in order to “transform”, there are also these:

These checklist cards will be in each set, and have regular card backs. They can substitute any creature that transforms, in your library or hand. You have to use a separate one for each one you use, and you have to have the actual cards put aside to put into play when they’re on the battle field or graveyard. Honestly, this would be good if you don’t plan on sleeving when you draft the set. However, this also reveals the names of all cards with transform in the set; including Garruk Relentless.

Is it possible that our newest Garruk in this set is a planewalker with Transform? Or is it just Garruk minions in Innistrad? Well, we’ll find out as more spoilers come out. Here’s the list of the transform cards we don’t know yet:

Cloistered Youth
Thraban Sentry
Civilized Scholar
Delver of Secrets
Bloodline Keeper
Hanweir Watchkeep
Instigator Gang
Kruin Outlaw
Reckless Wolf
Tormented Parish
Village Ironsmith
Garruk Relentless
Grizzled Outcasts
Ulvenwald Mystics
Villagers of Estwald

So in Innistrad’s 264 cards, 20 of them will have this new Transform ability; and, as always, I’ll update as soon as I get word of any more spoilers. Until then, let’s hope I get to sleep tonight instead of updating all night.