Archon of Justice-M12


Another look at Archon of Justice. ElspethFTW reviewed Archon of Justice when M12’s spoilers were released, and it was the first we saw to say “when it dies” as the new mechanic for being sent to the graveyard, saying that it wasn’t great in standard.

Well, after getting 2-0’d by a deck with it when I was piloting Venser Control last week, I suppose Archon of Justice found its place: in Birthing Pod. Being a 5 drop lets it hit the board off of a Solemn Simulacrum with Birthing Pod (another card I’ll take a look at soon), and also allows it to be podded into a Titan, or the Pod favorite Wurmcoil Engine (which I’ll also take a look at). It’s mainly good as the “when it dies” effects trigger off of being sacrificed for the pod, making it a good choice for the deck.

However, outside of Birthing Pod, I don’t really see Archon of Justice seeing much play outside of Limited and maybe Commander.